MS Series GW5000-MS 16 5 kW

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The MS Series of 5-10kW single phase inverters with 3 MPPTs for complex rooftops, is a powerful and versatiles solution for the expanding need sof the residential market. It is truly a champion over the competition in terms of DC oversizing, offering as much as 200% and achieving up to 110% AC overloading. With a start-up voltage of only 80V, the MS series is able to generate electricity earlier than equivalent products, achieving a high efficiency of 97.7%. The MS is compatible with bi-facial modules and its maximum current input reaches 16 A per string. The MS also comes with integrated Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) protection and is lightweight for easy installation.

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Max Input Voltage: 600
Max Input Current Per MPPT (A): 12.5
Number of MPP Trackers: 3/1
Weight: 22.5kg
Nominal Output Voltage (V): 220/230